At Cheap Egypt we review the reviewers.    We will take a look at the top holiday review websites for  Sierra Resort Sharm El Sheikh and summarise the last 10 reviews. Hopefully this service will take the time out of your research and allow you more time to enjoy the thought of your next holiday.

Trip Advisor (16/1/09)

The average† “overall rating” this hotel receives is 3.5 out of 5.

Many reviewers commented on the hotel rating nearly all of them believing that the hotel was not on a par with UK 4 star hotels.  The consensus thought that the hotel was round about the 3 star mark.  The Sierra Resort Sharm El Sheikh rooms did not really receive much criticisms, although some thought that the noise of the airport was audible in the rooms at the front of the hotel.  There was not really much else mentioned about the rooms which was not rectified by the hotel when issues were raised.

You can probably guess that the food is always a bone of contention, repetitive, boring tasteless, lovely, tasty.  There was no real consistency of comments about the food, although one reviewer did mention that there was not many vegetarian options.  One guest suggested going to either the sister hotel the Savoy (discount available) or Soho Square which has a few nice restaurants and shops.  We know it’s All Inclusive but sometimes it is nice to take a break and try something else.  A reviewer mentioned that the AI includes ice cream, crisps, pizza.

A few comments were made regarding how nice and pleasant the grounds were.  Apparently the grounds  are fumigated in the morning and night to kill off the mosquitoes, but some guests were still bitten so either cover up or bring some repellent.

One reviewer commented that the sandy beach was in their opinion not really suitable for small children as it had rocks in it and the water was deep.  The warm waters of the Red Sea does attract a lot of positive comments regarding the marine life – snorkelling is highly recommended.

Other points – shuttle bus to Naama Bay needs to be booked a day in advance.  ATM and doctor (€55) over in the sister hotel Savoy.

Holidaywatchdog (16/1/09)

The average† “overall rating” this hotel receives is 8.3 out of 10.

Apart from one reviewer (who gave the hotel a rating of 1 out of 10)  all 9 reviewers loved the Sierra Resort Sharm El Sheikh, the lowest rating was 6.

Many of the points above were covered by the reviewers on this website.  The hotel was thought to be spotless , the rooms spacious – with free bottled water in abundance- and represented good value for money.  A scuba diver thought that the hotel was a great place to stay.  The point about the beach being unsuitable for children mentioned above seems to be confirmed by one reviewer who said that the beach was not suitable for paddling due to the coral.

The local pharmacy owned by a doctor gets recommended for tummy troubles and that Imodium did not seem to work.  Also recommended were trips on the Seascope submarine and the Hardrock Cafe.

Virtula Tourist (16/1/09) does not have any reviews

Review Centre (16/1/09) only had one review. (16/1/09) only had two reviews.

Sierra Resort Sharm El Sheikh – Summary

Sierra Resort Sharm El Sheikh gets a lot of positive comments about the staff, the complex, the rooms and to some extent the food.  If you shop about and find the cheapest price for this hotel (hint, hint) you’ll see that compared to other Sharm el Sheikh Eygpt hotels eg the Four Seasons that this hotel is a lot cheaper.  If you want luxury then prepare to pay for it, if you want to good time and value for money then, from the reviewers point of view this is the hotel for you.

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*******Sierra Resort Sharm El Sheikh*******

The following is based on information supplied by the hotel.

The recently opened Sierra Hotel Sharm El Sheikh is an all inclusive hotel located in the heart of Sharm El Sheikh.  Being in the centre of the Ras Mohammed national park means it is ideally situated for a variety of activities and tours.

The Sierra Resort Sharm El Sheikh is only a short walk away from a glorious sandy beach where you can enjoy sunbathing, snorkelling and relaxing.

Sierra Resort Sharm El Sheikh – Location

This Sharm el Sheikh Eygpt hotel is  ideally located centrally in Sharm el Sheikh and is only a short distance form the airport, 6km

Sierra Resort Sharm El Sheikh – Facilities

The Sierra Resort Sharm El Sheik complex covers is  116,000 sqm with over 300 rooms ranging from single, double twin and triple rooms.  At the heart of the Sierrra Resort is a 2000sqm heated swimming pool.  In addition hotels also offers towel service, pool volleyball, snorkelling fintess and aerobics, waterpolo, childrens club, pool bar, lobby bar and coffee shop.

If you are visiting Sierra Resort Sharm El Sheikh as part of your honeymoon (minimum stay 14 nights) they will give you on arrival a basket of fruit and a free bottle of local wine, how romantic.

Sierra Resort Sharm El Sheikh – Rooms

All 300 rooms have a modern look with either a balcony or terrace.  Room sizes range from 25 to 57 sqm with a choice of double, triple or family rooms, or one of suites – if you fell like pampering yourself. All rooms are fully air conditioned and have satellite tv, room safe, mini bar, bathroom, hair-dryer and high speed internet.

All Inclusive

The All Inclusive package includes buffet breakfast, morning snacks, lunch buffet, afternoon snacks, dinner in the main restaurant (with live cooking) and late night snacks. Drinks included are local draught beer, local wine (red, white and rose), local whisky, local rum, water, soft drinks, tea and coffee. Drinks not included are imported liqueurs, imported wines, espresso, cappuccino and latte coffees.

Activities included are all sports facilities, fitness and aerobics, pool activities, children’s club and all other activities such as square dancing, self defence training, snorkelling trips etc.

† Last 10 reviews as of 16/1/09

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