At Cheap Egypt we review the reviewers.    We will take a look at the top holiday review websites for  Tropicana Grand Azure, formerly known as Tropicana Grand Azure and summarise the last 10 reviews. Hopefully this service will take the time out of your research and allow you more time to enjoy the thought of your next holiday.

Trip Advisor (12/1/09)

The average† “overall rating” this hotel receives is 3.7 out of 5.

The hotel’s rooms are criticised for being rather dated although they were complemented on their cleanliness and tidiness.  However, everyone who commented on this mentioned that it did not detract from their holiday and that they were hardly in their rooms for this to impact on their enjoyment.

The drinks were mentioned in nearly all reviews – some thought they were ok and some recommending briniging duty free.  The food did not really stir up to many emotions other than the pizza restaurant on the beach which everyone recommended.  A tip offered by some guests was to turn up early to meals to get the food at its freshest.

Holidaywatchdog (12/1/09)

The average† “overall rating” this hotel receives is 8 out of 10.

The hotel rooms are barely mentioned in this site.  The reviews focus mainly on the food, other guests, one particular holiday rep and trips.

The food seems to be well received but some reviewers were linking their tummy troubles to the food.  However, this was countered by other reviewers who did not have any trouble with the food, stating that foreign food, high temperature and dehydration was the probable cause of any tummy troubles.

Some reviewers mention the Russian guests and some don’t, culture clashes will grate with some people it’s a fact of life.

A great tip for saving money on trips was offered by many reviewers.  All of them mentioned that you can get fully insured trips for half the hotel/holiday rep price at an English Bar called St. Georges, in the Jasmine centre close to Tropicana Grand Azure.  A warning was made by a couple of reviewers that pushy holiday reps may not be fully conversant with the truth in terms of whether the trips sold by the pub are fully insured.  We would recommend visiting the pub and making your own mind up, you could end up saving a packet!

Virtula Tourist (12/1/09) does not have any reviews

Review Centre (12/1/09)

The average† “overall rating” this  hotel receives is 9.2 out of 10.

A few reviewers mentioned that they thought that the rooms were really nice.  Nobody mentioned anything about the food.  The unheated pools were mentioned but some also mentioned that there were heated and unheated pools and by lunch time on a hot day the pools were of a comfortable temperature.

The entertainment and other guests seemed to be the only areas of criticism the Tropicana Grand Azure receives. A tip which nearly all acknowledged would be helpful was to tip the staff.  Apparently this ensures good and attentive service and guarantees you a sunbed in the morning.  It also stops you wondering whether or not you should be tipping.  Cheap Egypt recommends giving a small tip to start, then half way through another small tip.  This makes the staff work that little bit harder, expecting a big tip at the end.  Whether you give a tip at the end is up to how well they perform. We all know it’s an all inclusive hotel but the reality of the situation is that you do get treated better with a tip, not right  but hey ho!

The average‡ “overall rating” this  hotel receives is 17.2 out of 25.

As with many other reviewers in other forums the main source of concern was with other guests.  This is a very subjective criticism but for purposes of accuracy it was mentioned.

The comments about the hotel was a mixed bag, no consistency in any of them and therefore difficult to draw conclusions except for the entertainment.  The entertainment was singled out as being pretty poor.  As mentioned previously the unheated pools were a problem early in the day.  Apparently there is only one heated pool, I guess that will be the popular one!

A nice tip, if you can call it that, is that if you find yourself suffering from Egyptian tummy then you should go to a pharmacy rather than the health clinic, saving yourself £30.

Tropicana Grand Azure  – In Summary

From reading the reviews our overall impression of the Tropicana Grand Azure formerly known as LTI Grand Azur Resort Sharm El Sheikh is that it is a hotel which ticks a lot of the boxes, clean, tidy, not cramped, good selection of food etc.  As with many all inclusive hotels and for that matter all hotels you should be inquisitive and critical of how food is prepared, if it looks as if it has been sitting out for a while – don’t eat it.  If it doesn’t look cooked properly – don’t eat it.  If you recognise it from the previous day – don’t eat it. Hopefully this will help guard against Egyptian Tummy Tip for good service and shop about for trips, St Georges bar seems to be the cheapest.

Overall, there does not seem to be any issues which should concern the average holiday maker

The formerly known LTI Grand Azur Resort Sharm El Sheikh is now called the  Tropicana Grand Azure Sharm El Sheikh.  This all-inclusive  hotel, has a superb range of facilities which makes it ideal for families, couple and single holiday makers.

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The following is based on information supplied by the hotel.

LTI Grand Azur Resort Sharm El Sheikh – Location

LTI Grand Azur Resort Sharm El Sheikh  is situated 18km from Naama Bay and only 6km north of Sharm El Sheikh.  This coastal hotel sits on the beach looking out onto Nabq Bay and in landscape grounds where you can enjoy views of the surrounding the surrounding mountains and Tiran Island.

LTI Grand Azur Resort Sharm El Sheikh – Facilities

On arrival to this hotel you are will be struck by the impressive dome roof of coloured glass in the lobby.  This hotel is not just a pretty face though, it offers a wide range of entertainment a children’s club with their own separate pool, 3 incredible pools, private beach and marina, health club, mini aqua park, free Wi-Fi and entertainment -animation team.  In common with many hotels this size it also provides laundry and valet, a bookshop and a free shuttle bus to Naama Bay.

The LTI Grand Azure Resort Sharm El Sheikh has 7 restaurants and four bars

  • Main restaurant
  • Shanghai a la carte restaurant
  • Aquarium restaurant
  • Bella Vesta a la carte restaurant
  • Fisherman seafood restaurant
  • Tropicana restaurant (no dress code)
  • Arabian Night a la carte restaurant

LTI Grand Azur Resort Sharm El Sheikh – Rooms

You can expect your rooms to be fully equipped, all having either a balcony or terrace.  All rooms are en suite and are fully air conditioned, have a mini fridge, satellite TV, the ubiquitous hair dryer and kettle.

You can also book  family rooms and suites.  For those who book the Suites will not only enjoy the all-inclusive items but will also be able to access the Executive Lounge offering local and international drinks and 24 hour snacks as well as free access to tennis, room mini bar, English papers and one laundry service.

Guests staying in the Suites enjoy all the above ‘inclusive’ items PLUS access to the Executive Lounge (offering international and local drinks and 24-hour snacks), tennis, one laundry service, room mini bar, English newspapers, German animation team.  The suites are large and will have either a king sized bed or a twin bed (no separate bedroom).  The family rooms have two bedrooms which are separated by a partition or connecting door.

LTI Grand Azur Resort Sharm El Sheikh – All Inclusive

Breakfast is from 7am to 10am, don’t worry if you sleep in because there is also a late breakfast for those sleepy heads from 10 to 11am.  Lunch is from 1pm  to 5pm and dinner is 7pm to 10pm and all served in a buffet style in the main restaurant.  There is also an a la carte dinner option available at the Chinese, Italian, Seafood and Oriental restaurants from 7pm till 10pm.  So in essence you can eat from the minute you get up to the minute you go to sleep.  Time for the gym!

Snacks are available at the beach bar from 11am to 5pm. For those who want something cold, like a sandwich or fancy a croissant or Danish pastry the wander over to the Dolphin Lake or Fountain pools each day between 12 and 4pm.

Also included in the all inclusive package is

  • use of the fitness  room and gym,
  • sauna and steam rooms,
  • the mini aqua park,
  • pool and beach games,
  • Pool & beach sunbeds/parasols,
  • Evening entertainment,
  • Kid’s club with qualified animators,
  • Free entrance to the Black House Disco at Tropicana Rosetta Hotel,
  • Free introductory dive at the Emperor Divers Sharm dive  centre.

For the children there are  special childrens lunches for the fussy little teasures, ice creams, soft drinks and daily games all finished off with a mini disco every night.

Chargeable Extras
Tennis, imported drinks, diving, sauna (reservation required), massage (reservation required).


Whilst we recognise that this hotel is now called the Tropicana Grand Azure many people who have enjoyed this hotel will only use the old name for the hotel when searching Google and other search engines.  So we have tailored this page so that you will be able to book another cheap holiday to this cracking hotel - Tropicana Grand Azure.

† Last 10 reviews as of 12/1/09

‡No overall category.  Figure obtained by adding up all ratings and dividing by total 250, 5 suns, 5 categories, 10 reviews.

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