Hurghada Tours and Visits

So you have decided to visit Egypt and the beautiful Read Sea resort of Hurghada.   I bet one of the reasons for first making Hurghada your destination was the great deals on Hurghada Hotels, but it would be a shame to ignore the fantastic wealth of ruins, monasterys this area part of Egypt has to offer.  We encourage you to be adventurous and discover the beauty of the surrounding land as well as the beaches of  Hurghada itself.

Mons Porphyrites

Situated 38 miles to the North of Hurghada, Mons Porphyrites is an old Roman porphyry quarry.  Porphyry, a hard purpley pink stone, was mined for use in Roman construction and was widely used throughout the Roman Empire.  The remains of the Roman mining town are still in evidence today.

Mons Claudians

Situated 30 miles to the south east of Hurghada, Mons Claudians is another example of an old Roman granite mine.  The granite mined here was quite distinctive in that it was black in colour.

The granite was used to build the columns some of which are still standing to this day, supporting the Pantheon in Rome.  The ruins of the Roman fort and village which housed the miners can still be seen today.

Monastery of St. Anthony

St. Anthony’s is the oldest Coptic monastery in Egypt.  It is believed to be built upon the grave of Anthony, a man who after losing his parents retreated into the mountains and dedicated the rest of his life worshiping God.  St. Anthony’s monastery is steeped in history and its fortress like appearance is as a result of to attacks from Bedouin tribes in the 8th and 9th centuries, Muslims in the 11 century and and a horrific revolt by the Bedouin servants. The monastery is well known for its beautiful wall paintings and it also has a bakery and five churches so no pulling out the old church was too busy to go excuse.

Monastery of St. Paul

St Paul was the perhaps one of the first hermits when he retreated to the Eastern Desert after the death of his parents when he was 16.  He dedicated the rest of his life to God until he died at the ripe old age of 116.   The monastery itself, is built around the cave where St Paul lived and its fortress-like design is as a result of the violent times it experienced in the past.It is said that St Anthony and St. Paul became friendly after Anthony tracking him down after hearing that a man who was holier than him was living out in the Eastern Desert.


Luxor is only a three hour drive, across the Eastern Desert, from Hurghada. There you can visit Luxor Temple, Luxor Museum, Mummification Museum, Karnak, the Temple of Amun, Thebes Valley of the Kings.  In fact there is so much to see and do you may even consider a short stay there in one of the many cheap hotels.

Carless Reef

Is a great spot for diving.  Situated 5 km from Giftun Island and an hour north of Hurghada this coral reef offers a wealth of marine life to see.  The reef itself is a mid-sea plateau where you can see coral fish, moray eels,gorgonian sea fans, large black fan corals and if you are lucky sharks at the drop-off. As with any diving trip only go with a reputable diving company.

Marine Museum

The Marine Museum is located 3 miles north of Hurghada.  The museum, which is part of a marine biology lab, has a small aquarium which has lots of specimens of local marine life. There you can find out about all the marine life you see when your swimming in the Red Sea.