Egypt holidays offer a wide variety of things to do and see. From sunbathing on the glorious sands of the Red Sea to visiting the mystical Pyramids and the treasures of the Pharaohs – a cheap holiday in Egypt has a lot to offer.

The new tourist boom has seen an explosion in the number of good quality Egyptian hotels which serves to make this country attractive to many tourists looking for a cheap holiday to Egypt with an African twist.Cheap Egypt’s goal is to provide all the information and resources required to plan and book your holidays to Egypt.

From taking a romantic Nile cruise to relaxing beach holiday in Sharm el Sheikh on the sun kissed shores of the Red Sea you can be assured that you’ll still have enough money in your pockets to enjoy yourself.

Holidays in Egypt

A holiday in Egypt can be as simple or as diverse as you like, it all depends on your budget and your spirit of adventure. You can enjoy beach holidays, adventure holidays, city holidays or a combination of any, the choice is up to you.


Cairo an amalgam of ancient and modern and this is put into perspective when visiting the Pyramids Sphinx for the first time. Everyone has seen the pictures of the Pyramids but and the beautiful blue skies behind it, but what most people don’t realise is how close the city of Cairo is, its practically a suburb!

On your tick list of things to see in Cairo are the amazing Egyptian Museum; the 12th century Citadel; Mosque of Ibn Tulun (one of the oldest mosques in Egypt); Khan al-Khalili (the world’s oldest bazaar) and the Cairo tower for spectacular. No tick list would be complete without shopping in the unique souqs where you can find great bargains, only if you are prepared to haggle!

Sinai and Red Sea Resorts

Sharm el Sheikh

The resort of Sharm el Sheikh stands on the beautiful shores of the Red Sea.  Sharm el Sheikh is the most popular and easily accessible destinations on the Sinai Peninsula. It also has the best choice of hotels, nightlife and restaurants on the peninsula.

Sharm el Sheikh resort is the ideal location for those who love to lie and relax in the sun on beautiful beaches. However, it also caters for the more active and is considered to be one of the top diving locations in the world.


In the early 1990′s Hurghada was just a small fishing village which did not attract many tourists. Today this small fishing village has transformed into a vibrant tourist resort stretching over 15 miles along the Red Sea coast. Hurghada is famous for its diving centres which offer snorkel and scuba trips out to experience the wonderful Red Sea marine life.

The Nile Valley

The Nile has been central to life of Egypt for thousands of years and has been described as the “gift of Nile”. The Nile Valley is certainly the gift for the tourists, with many tombs and temples to see especially in Luxor and Thebes. Your tick list should include The Valley of the Kings; the temples at Karnak and Luxor; the Luxor museum and a Nile Cruise. A cruise down the Nile means that you can see the amazing Aswan Dam and also visit a various temples at Edfu, Kom Ombo, and Abu Simbel.

The North Coast and Delta

The second city of Egypt is the 4th Century city of Alexandria. The city is rather more laid back than Cairo, adopting a Mediterranean feel. Steeped in history the cosmopolitan city of Alexandria is popular with tourists not only for it’s architecture but for it’s lovely beaches.

Although largely ignored by tourists the Delta area of the Nile is certainly worth a visit. This rich arable land has been described as the bread-basket Egypt, where maize, vegetables, cotton and sugar cane is grown. The picturesque countryside is criss-crossed by irrigation channels where donkeys pull the carts, buffalo plough the fields and the pace of life is a lot slower than the hussle and bussle of city life.

The Western Desert

This vast expanse of desert which stretches from Libya to the Nile is almost uninhabited apart from a few Bedouin desert-dwellers. The Western Desert delivers to the traveler a unique feeling of total isolation and magnificent scenery on a remarkable scale.