At Cheap Egypt we review the reviewers.    We will take a look at the top holiday review websites for  Dreams Beach Resort Hotel, Sharm El Sheikh and summarise the last 10 reviews. Hopefully this service will take the time out of your research and allow you more time to enjoy the thought of your next holiday.

Trip Advisor (13/1/09)

The average† “overall rating” this hotel receives is 3.9 out of 5.

On the whole the hotel receives good reviews.  All of the reviewers who commented on the star rating thought that it was more like a 3 or 4 star hotel.   The Dreams Beach Resort rooms did not receive any criticisms and were regarded as being very clean and tidy and one guest went as far as describing them as “immaculate”.

As is the case with many all inclusive hotels the food is always a bone of contention.  Some reviewers thought the food to be repetitive and while others enjoyed the food.  The stand-out recommendations of places to eat in the  Dreams Beach Resort were, the La Pergola and the Grill House which is apparently good for lunches.

Some of the reviewers criticised the alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, however on the whole very little was mentioned about the drinks.

Many of the reviewers mentioned that they did not think much of the beach, but the jetty and the marine life surrounding it more than made up for their disappointment – snorkelling in the warm waters around the jetty was a top recommendation.

The Marmite animation team as usual attracts many comments.  You either love them or loathe them but it really does not impact on your holiday.

Holidaywatchdog (13/1/09)

The average† “overall rating” this hotel receives is 7.3 out of 10.

This hotel receives a very mixed bag of comments ranging from “never again” to “best holiday”.  The average rating does though indicate that there are a lot more favourable comments than negative comments.  Where the hotel did lose out on is when reviewers suffer from some form of tummy bug – understandable.

The rooms did receive more criticism on this website, more than one comment on the need for refurbishment however, in other reviews the rooms were either not mentioned or complimented on! One tip was to tip the room cleaner ~£2 to get lots of drinks in your fridge every day, eg water, coke, sprite.

The food gets its usual criticism but again some people were very happy with it.  The Grill House mentioned was several times as being a great place to have lunch.

The animation team does get complimented (hooray) in a couple of reviews for the way the handle the children, but they also get heavily criticised as well in another review (bo0).  For some reason in these hot countries many resorts have trouble heating their swimming pools which does not go down well with many guests and they say so.

Virtual Tourist (13/1/09) does not have any reviews

Review Centre (13/1/09)

The average† “overall rating” this  hotel receives is 2 out of 10.  They only have 4 reviews which means that this figure cannot be relied upon.  However, to maintain a balanced report it is included.

Three out of the four reviewers criticised the rooms  and food. (13/1/09)

The average‡ “overall rating” this  hotel receives is 15.5 out of 25.

The animation team gets a few compliments on this site, saying that they are good with children and work their hardest to keep them entertained.  The food again is mentioned, but very few negative comments.  The Grill House as usaual gets a good write up for both lunches and diners.

Dreams Beach Resort’s rooms are criticised as being in need of refurbishment, but apparently this did not detract from their enjoyment.  Many commented on the number of times you were pestered at the poolside by people trying to sell you something but acknowledge that once told them where to go (politely) they stopped pestering you.

Many mentioned that the jetty was a great place to go and either swim or snorkel, as the waters are teaming with marine life.  (bring your own kit if you can – hotel charges for hire).  One reviewer mentioned that the hotel was on top of a cliff and that their was 130 steps down to the jetty, although further along there is a ramp down to it.

Dreams Beach Resort – In summary

On the whole the Dreams Beach Resort has been well reviewed.  The guests are happy with the resort and its facilities.  The main reason the hotel receives such a poor score is perhaps down to expectation.  With many, if not all holiday companies the hotel is rated as a 5 star hotel, which in terms of UK hotels it’s obviously not – reviewers would rate the hotel as a 3-4 star.  Keep this mind when you book this hotel and perhaps your expectations will not be so high.

With that said the hotel receives a lot of positive comments about the friendly staff, its cleanliness,  the food and the all round ambience of the place.  Swimming or snorkelling around the jetty was a highlight of the hotels facilities.  The negative comments were based around guests getting some form of tummy bug – no fun.

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The following is based on information supplied by the hotel.

Dreams Beach Resort Sharm El Sheikh is a great hotel to base yourself in with superb facilities and is handy for the airport, being only 15km from the airport.  It has been awarded 5 stars International Class, which due in no small part its architectural design and attention to detail.

The Dreams Beach Resort Sharm El Sheikh is located on a small beach at Ras Um El-Sid Cliff and looks out onto the beautiful clear waters of the Red Sea and is handily positioned to explore the surrounding countryside if you feel adventurous enough, with Naama Bay only 4km and 14km from Ras Mohammad.

Dreams Beach Resort Sharm El Sheikh – Facilities

Within its 7500 sqm you’ll be able to enjoy its 5 swimming pools, volley ball, tennis, for the intellectuals giant chess, snooker, fitness centre, football, mini golf.  You can even go swimming or snorkelling  in the crystal clear waters of the Red Sea and experience the marvellous marine life just a few steps from your room.

With five restaurants to choose from, Dreams Beach Resort Sharm El Sheikh offers a wide choice  of cuisines, from Mexican to Asian you’ll not struggle to find something you’ll like.

For those who like to dance the night away there is a guests disco, which the kiddies will love.  If you are feeling adventurous and just want to go shopping then there is a shuttle bus which is provided free of charge.  The hotel also has an internet cafe and laundry service and an excursion desk where you can book diving trips and excursions to Mount Siani.  Please note that some facilities may incur a local charge.

Dreams Beach Resort Sharm El Sheikh – Rooms

Dreams Beach Resort Sharm El Sheikh has 500 individually air conditioned spacious en-suite rooms which feature twin beds, satellite  TV, mini fridge, hi fi audio system.  All rooms either have a balcony or terrace.

Dreams Beach Resort Sharm El Sheikh – All Inclusive

The All Inclusive package consists of buffet breakfast (7 am to 11am), buffet lunch, buffet dinner (7 pm to 10pm), special children’s menu, snacks (served twice a day) and all soft drinks and alcoholic drinks served by the glass. The hotel provides a children’s club and daytime and evening entertainment is available.

There are pool sports, table tennis, football, volleyball, billiard, tennis and health club privilege available for All Inclusive guests.

† Last 10 reviews as of 13/1/09

‡No overall category.  Figure obtained by adding up all ratings and dividing by total 250, 5 suns, 5 categories, 10 reviews.

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