Cairo Egypt Hotels

Cairo Egypt Hotels are wide and varied from the no star hovel to 5 star luxury you’ll find a hotel which will match your budget.  Note: Our hotel searches specifically excludes hovels, so no worries there.   Hotel options include luxury hotels in the centre of Cairo and on the banks of the Nile to more affordable budget hotels in the same places for those who would rather spend money in restaurants and shops of Cairo than in the sometimes overpriced hotel complexes.

Whether it’s a cheap hotel in Cairo or a luxurious one you will not be in your hotel for any length of time.  You may have an idea that you will not get caught by the energy of the city but no matter how much you try to ignore it you’ll end up exhausted with tired sore feet.  Cairo is a tremendous  destination for a city break with its chaotic layout of souks, bazaars, cafes, museums, shops, more bazaars more museums more cafes and more people.  If at any point during your holiday you feel a certain longing for the ordered formulaic corporate cafe lifestyle you have extricated yourself from then you definitely needed a holiday and you should think seriously about extending it until you find charm in chaos.

Book your holiday now to Egypt and enjoy the Arabian delights of Cairo and life at a different level.